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Fireside chat with Sinandra Kaplan

Who is Sinandra?

I am a mother, a sales and channel enablement leader, a mindset transformation advocate, a teacher, a learner, a business owner and entrepreneur.

Tell us more about your role in Arcoro.

Great opportunity, learned a lot, delivered a lot and made great friends. Arcoro is a Hot company with great HR solutions

What is the most difficult part of your job? But the most rewarding one?

I would say that the most difficult part is that in my last position it was difficult to work for a boss that did not have awareness of project framework, accountability on time management or willing to listen to different perspectives, while the most rewaring one is working with the outstanding people of Arcoro.

Is there anything that you would change about your professional path?

No, I am extremely happy with where I am my career and my business.

What’s your key strategy for the development of your company?

  • Empower existent partner to understand and sale more our product and services;
  • Create new long lasting partnerships;
  • Develop an easy automating training and onboarding program for our partners and internal sellers.

What do you think about the next period of time, keeping in mind the pandemic and the new business climate? How will your industry be affected?

I don’t believe Freshworks will be negatively affected.

Please name a few technologies which have the greatest impact on your business.

I just started this role and I can’t answer your question.

What books do you have on your nightstand?

Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill and Believe & achieve by Kulin Desai.

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